All Breed Grooming – Temporarily Closed

Timber Ridge Kennels’ Grooming Facility offers “All Breed” and “Breed Specific” grooming and styling. If you prefer your pet to be styled completely different than it’s “Breed Type”, our grooming manager is more than happy to oblige. Please provide her with a full description of “your” style or photo.  We employ the HydroSurge® bathing system (similar to a water turbo massage). Unlike “human hair” dog hair must first be free of mats, washed and then dried prior to cutting and styling. Hair that is matted to the skin is extremely painful to your pet. Dogs will scratch or chew at mat sites to relieve their discomfort. This reaction only compounds the problem. Mats cannot be removed with water (they will only become tighter). Matted hair can also lead to lack of circulation, serious skin problems or fungus infections.Excessive mat charges… or the look of “strip down—fur peels” can be avoided with at-home brushing between normal grooming appointments. We will gladly instruct you on the correct way to avoid mats.

If you are unable to keep up with your dog’s matting problem, we offer maintenance brush-outs at a nominal fee.

Timber Ridge Grooming includes:

“Basic Price”

  • Coat brush out (to remove tangles and snags – also brings circulation to skin prior to bathing.
  • Foot pad hair clip (matted pad hair is “rock hard”)
  • Nail clipping (includes edges being ground smooth)
  • Trim of bikini/tummy & “poop-path” areas (sanitation)
  • Bath with HydroSurge® (water massage).
  • Coat Conditioner (for skin and coat)
  • Ear Cleaning (examination with wax/dirt/removal)
  • Ear Hair Removal (“ear-plucking” is breed specific)
  • Anal Glands Emptied (To prevent “scooting” and odors)
  • Hand Drying (blow drying) with coat fluffing (smooth straight finish – also exfoliates and aerates skin)
  • Comb/Scissors “Styling” Breed Specific or “Your Style” for your convenience.
  • Deodorizing “Sprays” to “Smell Great!”
  • Bandana or Bows to “feel special!”

All of the above is of course with owner permission.

Base Price Does not include Tax or gratuities for a job well done.

“Additional Charges”

Flea and tick treatments and excessive matting brush-outs.

We can clean out undercoat using Furminator for an additional $15.


Between routine grooming we offer nail trims and maintenance brush-outs at a nominal fee.

Please contact us for pricing depending on your needs.

All pets must be leashed when arriving and departing.